Former WWE star claims that the company “will do anything to make others’ lives more difficult”

Posted By James Walsh on 06/10/24

In a post published to his Twitter/X account, former WWE star Ryback made the following claim about WWE…

“WWE is notorious for releasing false information not only on talent but also on other wrestling promotions. The day I walked out and told them to f*** off, it was almost immediately put out that ‘I got sent home.’ They then used their partner publications to push out false information about me and damage my reputation. Much of that got pulled after legal action was threatened. They had my social media illegally suppressed after I refused to give them my accounts with an NDA.

These people are pure evil and will do anything to make others’ lives more difficult and persuade their hardcore brainwashed faithful to start attacking. The truth always wins, and you must not back down from the evil empire or its glum gremlin bleacher bums.”