Giulia and Gigi Dolin Injury Updates, WWE Talking With AAA and More Backstage News

Posted By James Walsh on 06/21/24

Ahead of this eveningís WWE SmackDown Dave Meltzer has released a ton of backstage news in the latest edition of his Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Check out the highlights below.

-Gigi Dolinís injury is said to be a torn ACL. If confirmed, this will keep her on the shelf for a while.

-Giulia is 100% not wrestling Roxanne Perez for the NXT Championship at Heatwave despite the chatter that she would be. Giulia just underwent surgery for her injured wrist and would not be able to compete. A source in NXT outright denied that she would be Perezís opponent.

-WWE NXT is currently speaking with AAA owner, Dorian Roldan. This lines up with a report that came out earlier in the week that claimed WWE was looking to build a relationship with companies in Mexico and Puerto Rico. AAA and AEW have worked together in the past.

-It is speculated that the new Cesar Sikoa trademark is indeed for Jacob Fatu.