Brooks Jensen Claims He's a Free Agent

Posted By James Walsh on 06/21/24

Brooks Jensen says that heís now a free agent, while a new report has an update on his actual status with WWE. As has been reported, Jensen is working a storyline where he is dissatisfied with his spot in NXT and that has seen him become ďpersona non grataĒ on NXT programming. Jensen, who was outspoken in his criticism of Shawn Michaels on social media the past couple weeks, posted to Twitter on Friday to ďannounceĒ that he is a free agent, writing:

First off I just want to say sorry.. Iím sorry for how Iíve behaved myself on here and Iím just deeply sorry for making an ass out of myself. As you have heard, today Iím no longer with the WWE as my non compete clause is officially up. This has been one hell of a ride and Iím forever thankful and grateful for the friendship this line of work has brought and for letting meet my future wife. So with that being said, thank you all for supporting me and being here with me through these times but today is only the beginning of the future of Ben Buchanan.

For clarity, Fightful Select reports that Jensen is still with WWE and will be working some indie dates in order to help sell the storyline.