Kevin Kelly Says AEW Has Not Filled the Hole Cody Rhodes Left

Posted By James Walsh on 07/05/24

Prior to the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank PLE, Cody Rhodes made headlines for helping a disabled fan that was initially denied contest tickets for the event. In posts via Twitter/X, former AEW announcer Kevin Kelly wrote the following about AEW…

“The one spot AEW has yet to fill is the one Cody Rhodes held down. He wasn’t just the top guy but he was the face of the company. THE Goodwill Ambassador. Ticket issue? Special request? Cody took care of it. Talent comes and goes but replacing Cody means so much more.”

“IMO, the [Young] Bucks and Kenny [Omega] needed to immediately after Cody left but for some reason, they chose not to.”

Kelly also said that Will Ospreay is the “closest” of anyone to filling the role at this point.