Tiffany Stratton addresses the now-deleted Instagram video that resulted in backlash from WWE fans

Posted By James Walsh on 07/05/24

In May of 2024, WWE star Tiffany Stratton received fan backlash over a video that was shared to her Instagram story. It was a video of Tiffany knocking Jade Cargill off the ring apron but the issue was that there was also audio of a person using the phrase “black bitch.”

It was later reported that Tiffany was “absolutely not in trouble for anything internally within WWE” despite the video’s negative publicity. Ahead of the 2024 Money in the Bank PLE, Tiffany was asked about the video by Adrian Hernandez. Here is what Tiffany had to say…

“It was an honest mistake. I didn’t hear the audio. I had it up for maybe 20 seconds and I deleted it instantly as soon as I heard the audio. It was an honest mistake.”