Minoru Suzuki Update After Scary Collapse At Tenryu Project Event

Posted By James Walsh on 07/07/24

Minoru Suzuki has been discharged from the hospital following a frightening incident during a Tenryu Project match on July 6.

During the match, the Japanese legend collapsed, causing the main event to be halted. After being taken to the hospital, Suzuki underwent various tests, including a CT scan, which showed no significant issues. Upon his release, Suzuki shared that he feels well and remembers everything that occurred. He concluded his statement with his usual fighting spirit:

I’ll report it for now. I did a CT scan and other tests, but there were no particular problems. I was kicked out of the hospital with a “If you’re feeling fine, go home!” feeling. I remember everything. I even remember how I fell at the end. So there’s no need to worry. For now, I’ll just say one thing… “If I see you again, I’ll beat you all up!”

The promotion also commented on the event, confirming that Suzuki was diagnosed with a concussion.

About Minoru Suzuki

Thank you very much for today.

In today’s main event, an accident occurred with Minoru Suzuki, so the match was canceled at the discretion of the referee and Tenryu Project.

Fortunately, after being examined at an emergency hospital, Minoru Suzuki was found to have no bleeding in his head or anywhere else, and was diagnosed with a concussion.

I have been given permission from my doctor so I am on my way home now.

The patient himself does not show any obvious symptoms and is able to walk and speak properly.

As instructed by the doctor, we will monitor the situation for 2-3 days and conduct further tests if necessary.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to all professional wrestling fans, including those who attended the event and those who watched the live stream, for the concern and concern caused by this incident.

Also, because Tenryu Project made the decision to cancel the match, you may not have been able to enjoy the match to its fullest.

However, the most important thing to protect is the lives of the players.

We hope you understand that we have made this decision a priority.

As the match was stopped at 1-1, it ended in a draw and the champions will defend their titles in accordance with PWF rules.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the players and fans involved in the match, as well as to everyone who acted swiftly to take action.

We are sure that the players are extremely disappointed, so although various adjustments will be necessary, we will do our best to make it possible for a rematch to take place, and we would appreciate your understanding in this matter as well.

We sincerely apologize for any concern and inconvenience caused.

Tenryu Project Representative Shimada Ayana