EXCLUSIVE: Zamaya talks Recent AEW/ROH Experience, Talks PCW AZ Live on Broadway, Injury Update, more

Posted By James Walsh on 07/07/24

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Zamaya
Date: 07/07/2024
Your Host: James Walsh

Phoenix Championship Wrestling is Arizona's fastest growing independent wrestling promotion. As a guy who grew up in New Jersey just over the river from New York City, we were spoiled for choice when it came to pro wrestling. If we didn't have WWE wrestling at the Meadowlands Arena (later known as Continental Airlines Arena and the IZOD Center) or Madison Square Garden, several local independent promotions ran every weekend in nearby towns that were a hop, skip, and a jump from home. When I moved to Arizona in 2000, that was not the case. Frankly, there was no measurable independent scene in Arizona. Impact Zone Wrestling ran by Navajo Warrior sprang up in about 2005 and I, with the Arizona State University radio station, did some promotions with them. But, in 2024, the scene has exploded as has our population. We are now ranked in the top 10 populations in the country for the Metro Phoenix area and we are starting to see the local independent wrestling circuit heat up almost as high as our temperatures! THe mercury is rising and so is indie wrestling in Arizona!

Phoenix Championship Wrestling boasts a training facility, Train in AZ, where prospective wrestlers can train and learn under the watchful eye of veterans of the industry. Dom Vitalli seems to run a very classy ship from everything I've heard. And, one of his students is making a lot of waves in pro wrestling and she's doing it the right way. Her name is Zamaya. And, she looks like the "Barbie Killer" she's billed to be!

Recently, Zamaya wrestled for AEW's Ring of Honor show on Honor Club in a match where she took on ROH Women's TV Champion Billie Starkz. While not successful, ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni mentioned her Arizona roots and that lit up my ears as Arizona is my adopted home. Little did I realize that a few weeks later, thanks to a promotion for the PCW AZ Live on Broadway event happening on July 13th from the Eagles Recreation Center in Mesa, Arizona, I'd be speaking with the rising female star!

Zamaya will be on hand for the event as will Jerry Lynn, Missy Hyatt, Val Venis, Alexander Hammerstone, and all of the stars of Phoenix Championship Wrestling as the hottest independent event of the summer in the hottest state in the nation takes place! Remember, all ticket holders are welcome for the free meet and greet with the stars mentioned above at 6:00 p.m., 30 minutes before bell time!

For information on the event, please visit the Phoenix Championship Wrestling Facebook Page! Tickets are selling quick so don't hesitate and don't wait until the 11th hour, a "Mean" Gene Okerlund used to say, get the hottest ticket in town right away!

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On how she fell in love with pro wrestling:
"As ordinary as it may sound, the person who really got me into wrestling was my Dad. He would always watch and because it was on, of course, I would watch it too. As I got older, me being a fan just never left me."

On getting trained in Arizona:
"Well, I noticed that there weren't a lot of options. I searched training schools online and there were only 2. I messaged both and thankfully the Arizona Professional Wrestling Training Center responded, Train in AZ. "

On if training was what she thought it would be:
"It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. It was tougher! I think people think that being a wrestler is easy because we they watch it on TV. But, lucky for me, I wrestled in high school. So, it was a lot easier of a transition because I was already used to that kind of conditioning. But, also, the mindset of "I have to make things happen." So, it was easy for me to reach the state of being tired and be able to get past that. I also like a competitive environment and for people to push you and that is exactly what I got. So, I got lucky!"

On her influences and inspiration for her unique look:
"Well, Bull Nakano is a bad ass. I'm not sure if I can cuss on here! (laughs) She is such an influence on me. Also, Luna Vachon. People with that kind of aura where they present themselves in such a dominating way. I took influence from them heavily."

On her intimidating look:
"People used to make fun of me when training because I'd train with pigtails. The look has adapted a confidence in me that was there. And, I've kind of let it show through a look inspired by Bull Nakano."

On Bull Nakano's Sukeban promotion taking shape:
"Oh, as soon as that was announced, I was s excited. I am so happy that she is still involved in wrestling and the fact that she has started her own promotion is so cool. I'm super close to it and I would love to be a part of it! The vibe I get watching that is different. The talent has different face paint and you can tell that they've worked with them to have different personalities and identities. That is definitely shinning through. And, if I could ever be a part of it, that would be such a blessing!"

On her recent appearance for AEW's Ring of Honor on Honor Club:
"It was everything I hoped it would be. You have to remember that 12 year old Zamaya was watching Ring of Honor. So, I'm really happy that AEW has found a way to keep Ring of Honor around and it has given a lot of people the opportunity to perform. The AEW crowd? They are awesome. I'm really glad I had the opportunity as it was something I was aiming for for a really long time."

On her experience with the sometimes harshly talked about AEW environment:
"Everyone was very inviting and helpful. I had a great experience getting to meet some of the talent and agents and speaking with people like Mark Henry and Jerry Lynn. I enjoyed being able to listen to them and learn from them. Everyone was so nice and inviting. And, it was really cool to have people react to my look on a bigger scale. That was pretty awesome."

On her take on inter-gender wrestling which was once a hot topic:
"So, my take on that has evolved to where now I think it just has to make sense. Like, if a small girl is thrown in there with a very large guy, that doesn't make sense. So, I think where my head is at with it is that it has to make sense. The wrestling should make sense. So, if we can find a way to make it make sense, I'm good with it. But, otherwise? No."

On her dream opponent:
"A little over a year ago, I wrestled out in Seattle for DEFY Wrestling. (WWE Hall of Famer) Alundra Blayze punched me in my face. So, I think we have a little match with that. I would love to wrestle her if she ever wants to tie up the boots again. Other than that, I would love to wrestle Rhea Ripley! I'm shooting for the stars here! Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair... Back on the indie scene, I really want to wrestle Bambi Hall. She's out of Canada. She's part of the Hall Sisters. I'd ove to wrestle any one of those. They're pretty dope. And, if Bull Nakano) wants to ever do anything, I would love to wrestle her!"

On Jerry Lynn coming in for Phoenix Championship Wrestling on July 13th:
"It is really cool. He's actually also going to be coming in for a training seminar at our school too. So, it is going to be a great experience."

On her thoughts heading into July 13th's PCW AZ Live on Broadway show:
"It is going to be a lot of fun. I'm excited. Unfortunately, I just got some bad news and I'm injured and will not be able to compete at that event anymore. But, I will be there at the merch table cheering everyone on. There is going to be a battle royal to crown a number one contender to CLAS' PCW AZ World Heavyweight Title. Battle Royals are a lot of fun and the live fans always get into them."

On the extent of her injury:
"I recently suffered a knee injury and just got the results back from the MRI yesterday. It is only a partial tear but I'm still going to take about a month off of it so I can prevent it getting worse and require surgery."