"All Ego" Ethan Page Wins WWE NXT Championship at NXT Heatwave

Posted By James Walsh on 07/07/24

In the main event of tonight's NXT Heatwave event, "All Ego" Ethan Page captured the WWE NXT Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match, defeating Trick Williams, Shawn Spears and Je'Von Evans.

Match coverage courtesy of Rajah.com:

NXT Championship Fatal 4-Way Main Event Match: Trick Williams(c) vs Je'Von Evans vs Shawn Spears vs "All Ego" Ethan Page
Je'Von Evans is out first. The fan-favorite is hyped heavily, and we're reminded that this isn't just his first premium live event--or even his first main event, but he's done so much in just three months. The next participant out is Shawn Spears, wearing a white mask. We're reminded that he's never held the NXT title before. We're also reminded that Spears was the first person to pin Trick (in non-title action, of course) since Trick won the title. Out next is "All Ego" Ethan Page to a better pop. The best is saved for last, and out comes our NXT Champion to a massive, ear-shattering pop--Trick Williams! Chants of "whoop that Trick" repeat endlessly it seems as the champ, complete with Harlem Heat-themed tights, soaks it all up! Booker T notices the tights theme and calls it out! We get wide shots of the arena and the crowd loves our champ. We get our official announcements ahead of the bell at 9:05pm.

Twenty-year-old Je'Von Evans and Trick Williams get us started as the brawl spills to the outside area. Page and Spears take control, pairing off and trying to one-up each other as they slam their respective opponent's heads into the steel steps. The two keep jawing it off and take it into the ring. The crowd erupts with Yes! chants as Spears and Page step toe-to-toe. Both men jab the other in the eyes! Both men are blinded! Evans and Williams enter the ring and take them down. They work together to clear the house then stare each other down as the crowd erupts once again. Evans looks for a roundhouse but Williams ducks; Williams looks for a Urinage but Evans dodges it. A series of quick, back-and-forth moves as both men struggle to take control. Evans impresses, as does Williams. Evans looks for a quick pin attempt but Williams kicks out. The rookie taunts the champ, leading to the champ taking him down with a leaping clothesline. Scoop slam from the champ.

Williams looks for an Irish whip. Evans and Williams continue a series of reversals and counters, which is only broken when Spears looks for a chair shot. Williams channels his inner Booker T and starts to drop people with axe kicks and scissor kicks. Williams stomps Evans in the corner then turns his focus to Spears. Spears dumps the champ to the outside, only to be dropped with a big kick from Ethan Page. Page slams Evans down onto Spears, then slams Evans' face into a corner. Page works Evans over in the corner to a chorus of boos. Evans ties up Page's hands briefly and all four men begin to brawl again. Page with a powerslam on Evans for a close two. Spears gets involved, as does Williams and all four men set up for a modified Doomsday in the corner. Williams & Page both pin others at the same time, both only get a two-count.

The crowd pops, rallying all four competitors to their feet. Page & Williams exchange rapid-fire blows, with Williams getting the upper hand until Spears smacks him in the back with a steel chair! Spears with a chairs hot to Evans to a huge pop! A loud chant follows. Spears sets a chair up in the corner then looks to drive Evans into it. Williams makes the save. Spears instead hits a C4 driver into the chair in the corner and covers for two! All four men eventually recover and Spears/Evans/Page begin a three-way strike-fest filled with superkicks and strikes to each other. Think of those silly AEW segments, but with better selling. The crowd with a "this is awesome" chant, loud and proud. The ref checks on all four men as everyone's down in Toronto tonight. Williams and Page roll out; Williams immediately lays into Page, and begins to clear the commentary table. Williams hoists up Page, who fight shim off with fists. Page pulls Williams up for an Ego's Edge but Trick escapes! Evans, outta nowhere, streaks across the ring, leaps over the top turnbuckle and wipes out Trick Williams! Spears drags a nearly lifeless Evans into the ring and hits a C4 off the middle rope! Page throws Spears out of the ring and attempts to steal the cover, covering Evans for a near fall!

The crowd is going full bipolar from the chaotic, fast-paced action going on in our main event. Page looks to capitalize but Spears rises, and the two battle in the corner. Spears with a big chop to Page as Page rests on the top turnbuckle. Spears climbs up and looks for a superplex. Williams sneaks in the ring and hoists Spears up, then attempts to powerbomb him to the outside! Spears instead uses a headscissors to take the champ outside! Evans fires off with springboard cutters to Page, hitting two in quick secession before nearly stealing the title! Williams Just makes the save! Holy shit! Williams and Evans begin to rapid-fire blows again in the middle of the ring! Evans with a leaping fist to rock the champ; the champ with a side-based rising kick! Both men look for springboard kicks and wipe each other out! The crowd with another deafening "whoop that trick" chant. Evans is distracted and attacked from behind by Spears. Spears climbs the turnbuckles and pulls Evans up, threatens a superplex to the outside but Evans counters and hits a cutter to the inside of the ring! Evans looks for another cover but again, the champ makes the save!

Evans looks to springboard but Williams shoves him off--Evans goes flying to the outside and sends his friend through the commentary table! Oops! Williams is shown, clearly torn over this, not happy with it. The crowd with a loud "rest in peace" chant, haha! Toronto starts slow but gets nuclear, fast. Williams finds himself struck from behind and locked in a Sharpshooter by Shawn Spears! The crowd goes wild! Ethan Page makes the save with a boot to the face of Spears! Ethan hits the Ego's Edge but Evans puts the champ's foot on the bottom rope to make the save! This is insane! Page takes Evans to the mat and begins to pummel his head over and over as the crowd loudly boos. Page yells over and over "this is your fault!"

Page looks for another Ego's Edge but Spears pulls Evans off, making the save! Trick Shot outta nowhere to wipe out Evans, Page and Spears! The Trick Shot (running knee) from Williams hits Evans, dropping him; it hits Page, dropping Page on top of Evans! Spears pulls Williams out of the ring, preventing the champ from making the save! Ethan Page's body technically pins Je'von Evans! We have a new champion at 9:23pm!

Your Winner AND NEW NXT Champion, "All Ego" Ethan Page!