Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Jenny Rose
Date: 06/25/19
Your Host: James Walsh

This Friday night, #ROH presents Best in the World which will feature Matt Taven defending the World Title against Jeff Cobb, the final match in the Best Of series Jay Lethal against Kenny King, and a special match as the Allure - Angelina Love and Mandy Leon taking on ROH Women of Honor champion Kelly Klein and our guest this week making her PPV debut Jenny Rose!

Jenny Rose is a rising star in ROH and will also be taking part in a number one contendership match at the subsequent TV tapings after the PPV this weekend.




On her thoughts heading in to ROH Best in the World this Friday: 
"This will be my first Ring of Honor pay-per-view so I know I will be very nervous about it. But ,I'm also excited to finally get a chance to get my hands on the Allure after they have been ditching me and Kelly for 4 months now ever since they made their debut at Madison Square Garden at the G1 Supercard." 

On what attracted her to be a wrestler: 
"I started watching at a young age. I've had a lot of good memories watching wrestling with my family and my friends. Going to live events was so exciting for me! I knew when I was about eleven that I wanted to give it a shot. That is a young age to decide what you want to do but it just always always stuck with me. So, at the time was in Bristol Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia and I joined. I was 17 my mom had to sign for me . Wrestling has been my main focus you know for my whole life. My whole life revolves around it." 

On the big changes in women's wrestling in her decade of being in the business: 
"It really has! I'm happy for everyone all the women and even the men who helped push us forward as well. Ring of Honor has changed so much since, you know, 10 years ago as far as the women's division goes. I mean it's just a totally different company now and a lot more popular than it was. I'm just I'm super excited for the future and I feel like it can only get better from here! It is going to be interesting to see what will happen 10 years from now. 

On competing at Madison Square Garden: 
"I I still can't believe it! I never would have imagined ever being able to compete there. it's just something you dream about that would be an amazing opportunity but you can't predict what's going to happen to your career. If you would have told me 10 years ago when I first started training that I would someday wrestle at MSG and not only wrestle there but compete for a Ring of Honor show... And ,you know, New Japan Pro Wrestling is amazing. Just such a huge fan of that company. For us to align with them for it I mean it was perfect! It really was!" 

On the growth of Ring of Honor: 
"It means so much to me. First starting out, I just I really wanted to train and I wanted to go to a good school and I remember I knew of Ring of Honor before I started training there. It was pretty popular in Philadelphia and I remember going to FYE - It's a music movie store and they had DVD's of a couple of shows before I started training. I just never imagined it would be on the level is now and, you know, we still have a lot more to do and a lot further to go. I know we'll get there and we'll get to wherever we want. t I'm really excited for the progress that we've all made! Everyone works so hard. We have something very special going on in Ring of Honor." 

On the Allure saying the Women of Honor Division had Flatlined Before They Came Along: 
"I mean it depends on the way you look at. You could say, you know, nobody grabbed the bull by the horns and just went with it. I don't know. I could see where people say that. For me, like what's important for me is to go out there and have great matches and try to elevate to another level. As far as wrestling goes, I disagree with that. As far as story lines, people have different views on that but sometimes that's out of your control. What I mean is there's only so much you can do as a wrestler to, you know, depends on what you're allowed to do. Right now, there's there's a change in the creative aspect of every thing and, you know, things are only going to get better. At the end of the day, in Woman of Honor and Ring of Honor, wrestling comes first. It's so important to keep wrestling involved no matter what your views are with creative. Wrestling should be the number one priority always." 

On what she learned from her extensive tours of Japan: 
"I became more confident out there in Japan. I was 19 when I first went out there and obviously super nervous about it. But, what made me feel comfortable was the family vibe that we had. From training at the dojo together everyday, you know, living together everyday... It's a totally different experience than in America where, you know, as far as schedule and friends since you see a lot of these people to three times a month when with Japan, you're invested in that promotion that you work for every day." 

On the recent bad behavior among male fans being crude towards the Allure, Taya Valkyrie, and Scarlett Bordeaux in different promotions: 
"I wish there something that can be done but unfortunately you can't control everybody in in a crowd no matter how many security guards you have. People just have to be better human beings. They are going to have to be respectful and have respect for everybody. I'm sure guys get harassed as well. But, to touch any of the wrestlers and then some of the stuff that they say... I mean, yeah, you paid for a ticket but there's a certain sort of respect. You know what I mean? Come on! I mean, you're going to a show! Have respect and just be a decent human being. I never had any fan encounter in that way but I know if I were to be touched and wantnot by a fan, I would not handle it nearly as well as a lot of these women have." 

On the highly praised Street Fight she had with Kelly Klein earlier this year opening the eyes of the wrestling world about how good she is:
"I hope so. I mean, that match hurt. But it was worth it. So, I hope that got eyes on me but, I mean, I would do it all again. It's so out of my element. I'm not the hardcore type of wrestler but I did what had to be done and I'm glad I did. We had a lot of awesome reviews on that match and I didn't know Ian (Riccaboni) listed it as 1 of his top 5 matches so far this year. So, you know, thank you again for that! It means a lot! I mean, you know, coming from him and he has seen it all so I really appreciate it! But, it just shows you know the work we put into that match... I mean, it paid off!" 

They're getting out of hand. They've been very sneaky. They've attacked us from behind... Relentless! That's what they are. As far as me and Kelly, I'm willing to put aside... You know, she's changed for the better. She's changing a good way and we both are on the same page with this. We're going to do whatever we have to do to stop these girls from trying to run the show." 

On the Elite leaving ROH and forming AEW: 
"It's great for pro wrestling. I mean, I'm happy for everyone who's there. It was sad seeing everybody go and I felt like it was very sudden and out of nowhere but it's only going to do great things for the pro wrestling industry." 

On making her debut on PPV Friday night: 
"I think everyone who knows me knows that I work hard and I'm very passionate about it. The way I look at it, this weekend, there's a lot of pressure but it's a good kind of pressure. There's a disease in Women of Honor called the Allure that needs to end... That we need to get rid of and of. There's only more pressure on me and Kelly to do something about it and fight for what we've been trying to play for for the past few months. I'm going to do the best I can. I don't trust Velvet Sky out there but I've been through a lot of challenges in my life and this is just one more challenge that I have to conquer so you're going to see me give it everything I have this weekend in Baltimore."