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THE RANT: Mike Kanellis, the New Red Rooster

Posted By James Walsh on 06/27/17

Mike Bennett, I can't call him Kanellis, must have lost his manhood or sold it along with his soul when he signed with WWE. Seriously, if there were such a thing as a man card, Mike would be without it right now. Why? Because he took his wife's last name. Come on, man!

First of all, I want to weigh in on some things before I go off on other things. I like Mike Bennett. I think losing him was a huge blow to Impact Wrestling and I even think he left a hole in Ring of Honor when he left. He's talented. And, Maria Kanellis, his wife, is a dime. Just like Donald Trump said, she's nearly perfect except for that mole. Wait, that is President Trump. President Trump said that. :)

But, being a good talent is not enough. There are so many great talents out there that never really make it. So, Maria being a dime and being Bennett's wife has certainly helped his career immensely. I'm NOT saying he's rode her coat tails as I don't believe that. But, her appeal has assisted in getting him awareness and even the spotlight. I have no problem with that. He's not using her - They are in love. So, if it helps, why turn it down? But, I am saying this.


I mean, hasn't he seen Hot Tub Time Machine?

Because of the name change, I'm convinced that Mike Kanellis (ugh, I feel sick typing that) is the new Red Rooster. Need that explained? Ok, I'm game.

Terry Taylor was a sharp dressed man. If Ric Flair was styling and profiling, Terry Taylor was legitimately a tailor made man. He was a legitimate stud of an athlete with a flare for fashion. So, what did Vince McMahon have him do? Cluck and crow like a rooster in the ring and whenever he was in public and glued rooster feathers to his scalp. Why? Because he did not like him, reports say. After all, Taylor was first in line to be Mr. Perfect before Vince changed the script. Of course, that role went to Curt Hennig.

Now, again, i feel I must backtrack and say how great Terry Taylor is. I have interviewed Terry. I love the guy. He's straight up business. I think he did well with that ridiculous character. But, there's no doubt it was done to destroy him.

Mike Kanellis. I mean, seriously? How does that pitch go. Hunter walks in the room and says, "So, you were hired so we can take more pictures of your wife's ass. We're going to call you Mike Kanellis." What guy doesn't say, "Ok Paul McMahon" back at him? Who doesn't fire back? I guess someone who wants a job with the WWE. That's who.

I am happy for Mike Bennett's success. I hope, like Dusty Rhodes with the Polka Dots, he can take a bad hand and make it a good one. But, he's doing so without his man card. And, once you give that up, it isn't possible to get it back.