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THE RANT: Sexy Starr - It Isn't Because She's a Woman

Posted By James Walsh on 09/03/17

Back in November or so, if I had posted an article by this exact title, it would have had to do with the women's revolution and her undeniable part of it as the first woman to win a World Heavyweight Title on American TV. But, I did not post an editorial about that. The reason may not be what you'd expect.

My dislike of the fact that Sexy Starr was Lucha Underground champion had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. In the realm of which Lucha Underground is (was?) set up, women legitimately were equal to men and were treated no differently. That is a tough pill to swallow and something that certainly takes getting used to but it is the reality of the Lucha Underground brand. However, I do not understand at all why of all the women signed to that brand, the least talented of the bunch was rewarded and bestowed with such a high prize.

The rest of my editorial could be debating who should have gotten such a spot. It won't be. I'll simply say Ivelisse, Mariposa, Taya, and Cobra Moon all are worlds ahead of the skill level of Sexy Starr in the ring. But, they are not ahead of her in backstage politics.

I remember arguing with Patrick Kelley who is one of the forces that convinced me to watch Lucha Underground in the first place. Ironically, it was an Ivelisse and Mil Muertes match that convinced me to become a "Believer." "Why Sexy Starr? She's not that good," I asked. Patrick said it was about seniority. I called bull on that and I'm still saying so. It was politics. Nothing more.

So, history lesson time.

In AAA, Sexy Starr and Taya were tag partners. One would presume, friends. But, that went south. And, Sexy Starr retired, she said, from wrestling to box. After we saw her box, sex joke here, we saw that she wasn't very good at it only squeaking out a split decision victory over what I only presume was a Los Angeles area chamber maid the week prior. So, she returned unannounced and won a title that was held by Taya when Taya wasn't even at the show to drop it to her. Why? The same reason she won the Lucha Underground title. Politics. Nothing more.

What we saw at TripleMania was a spoiled brat, Sexy Starr, throw some kind of fit over a botched move earlier in the match. But, as far as we could tell, the botcher was not Rosemary but Hamada. So, hurting Rosemary makes absolutely no sense.

What we saw was unacceptable. You DO NOT hurt someone who is trusting you to put them in a worked move. But, that is exactly what Sexy Starr did. Any excuse for this is by someone who does not get the situation or simply is trying to elicit a response.

Today, I argued with a Mexican American wrestler who claimed the blackballing of this political albatross was both a sign of "American Sexism and American racism." Oh boy. Here we go!

Sexy Starr is Mexican. She hurt a CANADIAN wrestler in an unprovoked shoot.

Mexican woman hurts Canadian woman. American racism? Guess again, Jose.

What we are seeing here is a fair reaction. The reaction would have been much the same had the roles been reversed or if any one wrestler on a large stage, like TrpleMania is, did the same thing if in the same situation. There is no excusing it. And, it is all due to politics. Nothing more.

So, why is Sexy Starr likely to stay in AAA and possibly continue in Lucha Underground if it continues to Seaosn 4? Politics. Nothing more. But, she ought not expect to work many other places. Much like Colin Kaepernick divided a nation, with most feeling he was a disrespectful piece of garbage, by acting out in a form that did not call for it... Sexy Starr did the same thing.