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THE RANT: Eli Drake - A Refreshing and Deserving Champion

Posted By James Walsh on 09/05/17

When the new era of Global Force Wrestling started back in February, the default champion was Bobby Lashley. The objective was to make Alberto El Patron the people's champion. And, if we lived in 20th century America, that would have been fine. But, in the age of the Internet where you can find out all these details about people apart from what they seem to be on TV, Alberto El Patron was not a qualified ambassador for the company.

Patron has his issues with alcohol and women.... Or, woman. His nuclear relationship with Paige makes him a virtually unsellable entity. She is such a powder keg of negative energy from her disgusting leaked porno tapes to her immature rants. But, considering she is half his age, immaturity should be expected. Nevertheless, the 2 together are oil and water. And, when they are oil and water in the public eye... It is dangerous. And, it is dangerous for any company promoting either one of them.

In the wake of an Orlando spat that resulted in Patron being stripped of the belt he only just won, GFW was faced with options. Put the belt on another former WWE superstar or give it to a present GFW superstar who has become so over by simply using catch phrases, signature moves, and being his character 24/7. To say he learned from the old school in a good way would be an understatement. But, Eli Drake is the natural choice for GFW to choose to be World Champion.

Johnny Impact coming in as the former WWE superstar face was a great way to make everyone, including me, believe he was bound to be champion. And, he may still be. And, if he is, good for him. Johnny is an amazing talent, has done well for himself outside of WWE on his terms, and frankly is the biggest star out there not under a WWE contract and I mean that.

The feud should be Eli Drake, the face of the new generation of home grown GFW stars, against Johnny Impact who has to earn that surname by making GFW his own the way he made Lucha Underground his own. It could make for epic TV and even better matches. And, I think that is where we are headed.

With that said, when Eli won the belt at the Guantlet for the Gold, America's Top Team immediately was on camera and seemingly have no beef with Eli. From there, the following week, Eli wins the tag team main event and instead of basking in his accomplishment, again America's Top Team, an MMA group fronted by Bobby Lashley, was on camera instead of Eli having the spotlight. This is not a great way to book the new champion and should be corrected, even if it was pre-taped, before it damages the legitimacy of Eli's championship reign. Perception is everything in wrestling. And, by cutting away from the champion after every success, it makes that success seem less meaingful.