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THE RANT: Is Eric Bischoff Up to Something?

Posted By James Walsh on 11/19/17

Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Austin Aries teased a major new business venture on Twitter. We all assume the venture is one in the same. But, what is it?

Shortly after the cryptic tweets by the 3 major wrestling stars, Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling made it seem as though it was all to do with Bischoff purchasing their promotion. In fact, Yahoo! Sports said that was it. And then, well, it wasn't. Bischoff confirmed it was "fake news."

But, still, something is up.

Bischoff is working on yet another wrestling app where you can watch wrestling on a 2 inch screen. I think this is a brave new world for eye doctors when people f*** up their eyes looking at something so small. But, somehow, I think this is bigger than that.

Here's the pros and cons of this:


- Eric Bischoff is the only man to ever beat Vince McMahon.
- Hulk Hogan and Austin Aries are involved and pack a major punch. That is especially true for Hogan.
- It sounds like a major venture.


- Bischoff tends to blow things out of proportion and oversell stuff.
- WCW, as an example of Bischoff, was poorly run by the time he was let go.
- Bischoff's best success came when he had the financial backing of someone who handed him a blank check.

Wrestling needs a kick in the pants. With Impact seemingly leveling out after a booming 2017 and being stuck with the "Canadian" label, ROH's slow rise to glory, and a myriad f independents all with brief wiffs of glory only to fall short long term... THere is an opening for a clear #2. We've got it good right now. Impact, ROH, and Lucha Underground are all 3 excellent shows. But, if we could financially have a WCW style money infused alternative to WWE? Well, the game could change... But, I won't get excited about it until I know more.