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THE RANT: Six Sides is Two Too Many!

Posted By James Walsh on 01/03/18

Impact Wrestling has used a 6 sided ring for well over a decade now. In fact, it was in 2004 that the company scrapped its original 4 sided ring to introduce the 6 sided one in an effort to make the company appear different from WWE. This was Jeff Jarrett's idea and, to an extent, it worked. But, does it really work in 2018? Is it "necessary", as Johnny Impact said to Jim Ross on a recent podcast.

The answer is no. The 6 sided ring is not at all necessary for the Impact product. And, if anything, it serves to provide an excuse to those searching for one not to watch the product. Sadly, that is a sect of the wrestling audience. There are those who will be negative towards Impact without watching it and pull out excuses like "I can't get past the 6 sided ring." So, take away the excuses!

The simple fact is no one now will confuse Impact for WWE. THey just look different. WWE has adopted a very pronounced colorized difference between their top 2 shows. In other words, WWE has a choice of red or blue. Impact is... I guess green at this point? Therefore, it looks different. The shape of the ring does not give it any identity. It just is off putting to those who want it to be.

With Jarrett out at Impact and the company searching for a new identity with Don Callis coming in and offering his expertise, a fresh start with a traditional ring would provide a different look than we've seen in recent years from the company. Yes, a regular ring was used during the Hogan/Bischoff years from 2010 to 2013. And, I think it is clear to most who see it when the company airs their Network ads that it looks better cosmetically than the current ring.

Furthermore, it is a little odd to see the Impact ring as a 6 sided one when they cut to other promotions who have a traditional ring. It feels off seeing a show comprised of various territories with various ring shapes and sizes. Call me crazy.

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