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THE RANT: WWE RAW 25 Show Review - Who Wrote This?

Posted By James Walsh on 01/23/18

I must admit that I stopped watching WWE religiously years ago. Of course, I watch the major shows and even the less major ones either in fast forward on the DVR or on my computer. But, last night, I made a point of watching WWE RAW from start to finish. And, I came away feeling the exact same way this time as did the last time I watched a full WWE show in real time - WrestleMania 31. I came away pissed off!

Why? Funny you should ask.

First, what is the point having 2 venues? Do it at the Manhattan Center and be done with it. Your current fans won't look down on you for the venue and your classic fans will get a dose of nostalgia. Having it also at the Brooklyn venue cheapened it from the get go.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were brought in to call the show. Then, we have Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T call the majority of it at the venue that already made classic fans feel was not needed. With that choice, having JR and the King there seemed pointless. Because, very little even happened at the Manhattan Center!

Aside from the opening segment with Steve Austin, the legends' involvement was minimal and unremarkable. A bunch show up backstage randomly appearing in an office while others appear playing poker. No Million Dollar Man in the arena? No angle that has APA hired to beat someone up? Nothing to speak to these guys' characters at all? Hell, mix MVP and the New Day. MIX the talent!

The classic Divas were brought in to walk onto the stage and bow. Well shit, that was worth their travel and booking fee, wasn't it? Totally pointless. INVOLVE them! Have Trish confront Mandy Rose who is a virtual dead ringer for Trish in her prime, not the weather girl she is now.

Hey, Terri Runnels used to be Alexandra York in WCW and that is the EXACT SAME GIMMICK that Dana Brooke is doing now. No mention? Or, Goldust was on the card. The 2 are said to get along well enough. Why not have her dawn the Marlena gimmick?

Speaking of dawn, where was Dawn Marie? Or, hey, Trish was there... Why was Lita not there? Come on. If you have Trish there, you've got to have Lita. Period!

No Sable? No Sunny? Both are iconic for the Attitude Era. Torrie WIlson wa sgiven credit for the Attitude Era. She was with WCW during it! She came in after the Attitude Era in the WWE's eyes! Shit! Fact check, please!

If Sunny was there, have Phinas Godwin slop her again because she now is the pig in every sense of the word that he always knew she was!

Apparently referencing Yokozuna versus Koko B. Ware was cool. But, Koko B. Ware wasn't worthy of an invite. Real cool.

A 3 segment Women's match no one cares about. Great use of time!

No Edge or Bret Hart? That might not have been able to have been fixed but still, that was an obvious hole.

Sid would have been there if it wasn't for Donald Trump. LOL!

Boy Woken Matt Hardy is over. But, he's not a WWE creation. So, he must job in 2 minutes.

The DX segment was sickening. Why? It was just too sweet. That was a whole lot of time and a whole lot of selling out by unover WWE talent (Finn Balor) just to take a shot about "Too Sweet" at the Bullet Club, especially the Young Bucks. And, what a useless match!

The Elias stuff was funny and well done. All show, awful pop music that won't be remembered in a week was played. Yet, a guy with a guitar performed the best song I heard all night.

And Braun Strowman finsihes the night by throwing people. That's original. Never saw that before.

No Hulk Hogan? Their Twitter page referenced Hogan when AJ Styles was interviewed by "Mean" Gene Okerlund. But, no Hogan? For crying out loud, have Hogan come out and approach the New Day and say Carmella shouldn't be with those guys!

Overall, it illustrated the difference between the great eras of RAW history and now. Now it is an overproduced show that is popular because it is WWE.... The brand has fire behind it so the show can be staggeringly boring and predictable and no one challenges it or demands it be better. That is where we are at now. WWE is popular because it is WWE regardless the quality of product they put forth.