THE RANT: Journalists Should Stop Using the Word "Backstage"

Posted By James Walsh on 01/24/21

Many sites, including ours if we're not mindful, use the word "Backstage". For example, "Backstage Update on Drew McIntyre" or "Backstage Note on WWE Superstar Spectacle." What a stupid thing to say!

During an October 2019 media call, a journalist (who does a good job normally) asked Scott D'Amore about the "backstage environment" of the Impact on AXS TV tapings. They had not yet made their debut on AXS TV nor filmed content for it. So, Scott said something like, "Well, we've not yet been on that stage yet so there is no backstage to speak of."

When he said this, I popped. Someone dared shoot down the overused phrase.

So, going forward, I will make every effort to eliminate the word "Backstage" from our headlines. Of course it is backstage! If it didn't air on TV, it is backstage.

For that matter, I am also tired of hearing MLW and ROH called "Independents." Are they on TV? Yes? Then they're not independents! Holy shit!