THE RANT: What Would be the Harm in Tommy Dreamer Winning the Impact Wrestling World Title?

Posted By James Walsh on 02/11/21

The assumption is that Tommy Dreamer is going to lose on Saturday night in his World Title opportunity against Rich Swann. And, maybe that is a solid and well educated opinion. It doesn't "feel" like he is going to win. But, maybe he should.

Rich Swann is a great wrestler. Overcoming the injuries he sustained in late 2019 only to come back from what most would never dream of returning to the ring after and ending 2020 as Impact Wrestling World Champion is an amazing story. But, with Impact now working with AEW, only 2 stars from Impact have appeared on AEW TV and those two are the "Good Brothers" Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. Even when AEW Champion Kenny Omega was going to appear on an Impact PPV, none of his opponents were brought on AEW TV to expose the feud on TNT's platform. Why is that? One could imagine that for whatever reason, AEW does not want to feature Rich Swann? But, all of AEW's roster, seemingly, wished Tommy Dreamer well in birthday wishes on this week's Impact on AXS TV.

So, here's my question.

Dreamer, age 50, as Impact champion is a more recognized name than Rich Swann. Of course, Swann's a better athlete at this point and, in all honest, is a better athlete than Dreamer ever was. But, with the company now making a play to appeal to the AEW audience and to encourage as many cross-overs as possible, would it not be cool to see Tommy Dreamer, Impact Wrestling World Champion, defend that title on AEW TV? Would he not get a bigger pop than Rich Swann?

Wrestling is so subjective. I would rather watch an older wrestler in his 50's that gets psychology than a spot monkey or undersized worker. No, that was not a shot at Rich Swann at all. While he is small, his talent and understanding of the sport is not in question. Few people have championed Swann's success more than me and I will always continue to do so as he's truly an amazing athlete. But, for the needs of the company right now, do the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few and the one? Holy balls, I just quoted Star Trek.

I realize it is a long shot. I realize most don't consider it probable and possibly not even possible. But, what would it hurt to put the World Title on Tommy Dreamer this Saturday? I say they should do it.

PS. Tex McKenzie couldn't wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag but he was a legend.