THE RANT: Reelz Really Strays from Reality When Presenting Real Wrestling Tragedies

Posted By James Walsh on 04/10/21

I just watched the ReelzChannel Chyna Autopsy. So, let me be blunt. The Reelz documentaries give me douche chills at the best of times. Their hit piece of Phil Hartman - who I was a fan of, made me angry. I almost put my fist through the screen during the Chris Farley Autopsy special because it was such garbage. I swore off these types of showings after those two made me mad. In fact, the only reason I watched Reelz at all is they used to show Wings and News Radio during the afternoon and I loved Wings. It still, to this day, is my favorite sitcom of all time. Go ahead and gripe about it. Still is.

So, Reelz was on a commercial advertising they will be doing a "Macho Man" Randy Savage Autopsy. My stomach physically turned. I mean, literally, I felt sick. The hairs on my arms stood up. I got the feeling that what they say about someone I view as a hero will infuriate me. I mean, I was a big fan of Chris Farley but his passing was his own doing due to drugs. I have never argued that because that would be arguing against fact. Nevertheless, to ease myself in tow atching the "Macho Man" one, I chose to watch their Chyna presentation. You know, get a feel for how they treat wrestlers.

I am not a huge Chyna fan. I mean, I respect what she meant to wrestling. But, I don't inflate her contributions the way much of the Internet does. To me, she came on the scene in 1997 looking like a man, changed her physical appearance to be more feminine in 1998, and had about 2 runs as a big draw from 1999 to 2001. I think that is an accurate description of her rise to fame. It was huge. But, it was just that long. 4 years total and with only 2 years as a major draw.

Reelz does not tell the story well. Big surprise!

Chyna left WWE in 2001 when Stephanie McMahon was caught screwing around with Chyna's fiance Triple H. Triple H, knowing he'd be able to finagle a way to own the company one day and because Stephanie wasn't a bad pick up physically either, dumped Chyna for Stephanie and has lived happily ever after which should make most wonder about the justice in the world. Chyna was thrown out on her ear and spiraled. But, it was the slowest spiral down the poop chute of life ever.

Chyna's demise wasn't sudden. She didn't die in 2001. She died in 2016. She had opportunities along the way to land on her feet... Even opportunities from wrestling. TNA hired her to do a PPV in 2004. She no-showed. Maybe the manager should've spoke about that on the Reelz documentary?

After dacing X Pac and he released a porno of their private sexual encounters, Chyna accused pro wrestlers of gang rape in the locker room. So, she proceeded to do 12... TWELVE porn star dudes dressed as mock famous wrestlers, at once inside a wrestling ring in a porno called Queen of the Ring. Speaking of poop chutes, she takes 2 of those porno wrestlers up her poop chute at the same time. I can't imagine that was enjoyable for her... Or for the dudes... Or tow atch. Or for the planet. Or, for me to type... For that matter.

After her porno career, which is NOT DISCUSSED AT ALL in the Reelz special, Chyna moved to Japan. They say it was to be where no one treats her like a star because they don't know her. I disagree. I think she lost all self respect doing that smut mentioned above and wanted a new life. But, she was a lost soul.

On the Vince Russo podcast, she said she was going to marry a Japanese man.... Who she had not met. But, was learning Japanese so they could speak to one another. I mean, my heart melts hearing that. How could anyone who was once one of the top stars in the world... Playboy centerfold... Toys, posters, the whole 9 yards.... She went from that to marrying a person who she's never met and doesn't speak the same language as? What is she? Charlotte Flair.?

Upon returning from Japan, she returned to the same "friends" who enabled her behavior and enabled her to disgrace herself with those pornos. I guess the porn films made the bullshit manager look like the swine he is so they left that out of their tale. Within months, she died of a drug overdose.

On YouTube, you can still see Chyna's final video where she mumbles high as a kite about her new healthy food service. She is clearly out of it. And yet, no one went to her house after she posted it. Mr. Manager Hero didn't go by and say, "Hey, you seemed a little off your game. Are you OK?" She laid there dead for a weekend. Is that how her story should have ended? Hell no.

Reelz protected the prick responsible for her demise. Total bullshit documentary. But, I didn't expect better.

Some will say my view of her porno movies is inflated. I will argue you now like I argued then that she was disgracing herself. In one movie, she paints her whole body green and gets reamed by several different dudes. "She Hulk", it was called. Unreal. She went from being a real life comic book hero with merchandise out the ying yang and then she's a mock super hero swallowing sperm while painted green? That had to destroy whatever self respect she had left.

Chyna deserves to be remembered as a Hall of Famer. I'd rather forget her bad choices. But, those bad choices mattered because they are why she died. And, one of those bad choices was employing the scum bag manager they painted as a hero. But, Reelz doesn't have a good history of getting shit right.

Chris Farley's documentary was a hit piece. This was a defense piece of Chyna's manager. Nothing more. Nothing less.