Edge On WrestleMania 37 Having Less Part-Timers, His Character Change Leading Into The PPV

Posted By James Walsh on 04/18/21

Edge weighed in on the lack of part-time talent at this yearís WrestleMania, his character change and more in a recent interview. The Smackdown star discussed the topics during a media call heading into last weekendís PPV, and you can check out some highlights below per Wrestling Inc:

On WrestleMania 37 having less part-timers: ďA large segment of our fanbase always says, ĎPart-timers always clog up.í Well, they arenít this year, but then youíll get people complaining that they arenít there. You canít please everybody. Itís just the nature of the beast, but I do think itís a great opportunity for a lot of talent to really get a chance to step up, and thatís exciting. As a talent, personally before, I was always excited when those guys came back. For instance, WrestleMania 18 in Toronto, [Hulk] Hogan Ė Rock, are you kidding me? Iím excited about that because Iím a fan, and to me, with those guys back, thatís more eyeballs and if Iím not on the show, then I just got to do more to get on the show. I always took that responsibility upon myself, but this year, the chains are off. Itís a fun opportunity to see a Cesaro get the kind of chance heís getting, to see Matt Riddle and Sheamus. Bobby Lashley, after all of these years get an opportunity to walk into this as WWE Champion at 44, thatís incredible. Then you got Sasha [Banks] and Bianca [Belair] who are breaking boundaries.

ďThereís a lot of exciting and fun elements, and it almost feels like, I donít want to say a rebuilding phase, but it almost feels like, okay, hereís this group, and weíre moving forward now. And for whatever reason, my old butt from the past generation is in on this ride too. Thatís super exciting because I want to be on this ride with everybody. Thatís why I am showing up every week. Thatís why Iím doing the same schedule as everybody else right now because if Iím asked to be in this position, thatís what it entails, and at the end of the day, I love doing this.Ē

On his own creative direction being more promo-focused: ďFor me, itís more the promos. I write my promos, and Iím very very hands-on with those because to me, I got to feel it. And if someone else writes it and Iím just reciting it, I canít feel it, and this is a different thing than it is to be on a TV or a movie set. You got a script, and it has to follow all these different narratives. Wrestling is different in that regard because youíve played this one character for 20 years, and no oneís going to know that character more than you because youíve had to live in that skin for that amount of time. So thatís one thing that Iíve really enjoyed because I love writing.

ďYou have to find something that Adam can relate to so that Edge can pull these things off and hopefully make it something the audience wants to see or for an audience to go, ĎOkay, that feels different,í whether itís the deliver, or the cadence or the intensity. Sometimes in a promo, my face gets beat red, and Iím feeling it and I am in the zone. Those are the good ones. So for me, more so than creative direction or who Iím in an angle with, I just want to wrestle everybody so send me whatever direction you want. Iím there, but the promos, I like to be super hands-on with that stuff.Ē

On his character turning more heelish after Daniel Bryan was added to the WrestleMania match: ďWhen you find out itís a triple threat, you go, okay, we both canít play the underdog hero. That Rocky vibe and both pull that off. If you look at the both of us, well, thatís Bryan. Thatís his thing. No one does that better than him, and Iíd like to think if I could come at it with that little ĎRated Rí vibe back, that gives me an edge that I think our audience was ready to see. I think weíre past, and hereís whatís difficult because we donít have the audience to really know, but I think they were past this veteran whoís coming back. Can he do it? Heís questioning. They saw that with Randy [Orton], and that worked there. I thought it could continue to work, but I saw that it wasnít, and then you throw Bryan into the mix, okay, heís going to corner that market. Roman [Reigns] is cornering his market.

ďI have to find a direction to come from here, and to me, itís neither heel nor babyface. Itís not hero. Itís not villain. Itís Edge, and Edge wants back what he never lost, and the character of Edge was always driven by the championship. Nothing else. It was so simple. Edge wants the title. Thatís it. Doesnít matter who has it. It could have been Batista. It could have been JBL. Thatís what Edge wants.Ē