News on AEW Dunamit4e Pre-emptions for May & June

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/30/21

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the final episode of AEW Dynamite before the Double or Nothing PPV, originally scheduled for May 26, will be moved due to the NBA Playoffs. The new timeslot will be May 28, a Friday, at 10 PM ET. The plan is to go live from 8 PM to to midnight at Daily’s Place, with two hours of Dark being taped before Dynamite with a live crowd.

Dynamite will also be pre-empted on June 2 and will go live on either June 4 (Friday) or June 5 (Saturday). It will likely be June 4, but it depends on which playoff game TNT gets. This is why Brian Cage and Brian Pillman Jr had to pull out of the Warrior Wrestling event in Chicago on June 5. They would be taping on that Saturday if they go live on June 4. That taping would include the June 9 show, as well as Dark on June 14 and Elevation on June 15.

Since the pre-empted material would interfere with their ITV broadcast in the UK (it airs there before Friday at 10 PM ET), they will likely get other programming. The show, in an edited format, would still air on ITV on May 31, but it would be after the PPV has already happened.

AEW is also planning a Countdown show for the week of Double or Nothing that will air on Saturday night, May 29. The start time will depend on when the preceding NBA game ends.