WWE Reportedly Looking To Establish Working Relationship With MLW

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/30/21

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE reportedly doesn’t like the reputation that the company has that they won’t work with anyone else in the modern wrestling world. According to the report, they are in talks with MLW for a deal similar to the one they had with EVOLVE or ECW in the 1990s. The idea would be to send wrestlers in developmental, who aren’t working on NXT TV, to MLW to get some more experience.

There is also an idea in the company to create their own group like EVOLVE for a weekly streaming show, allowing the developmental talent to get more TV experience and more exposure than on Peacock. It is believed that either idea would also help with wrestlers on the roster who sign with WWE and are frustrated that they are never used, especially since NXT doesn’t have house shows at the moment.

This would also make them appear to be “changing and modernizing.” WWE sees that other companies have been working together (AEW with Impact, AAA and NJPW; Impact with MLW and so on). They want to make it appear as though they aren’t against the idea of working with other companies and “uncooperative” in the real world. While WWE has had this mentality in the past (particularly in the UK and Germany), the company is under new direction with president Nick Khan.