Mick Foley, Lance Storm, Maria Kanellis, and Gail Kim Debate Doing Female Only Wrestling Shows

Posted By James Walsh on 04/30/21

In a post on Twitter, Mick Foley said that WWE should create an all-female brand, noting that someone else may do it first.

He wrote: “Dear Vince, An all women’s brand NEEDS to happen in @WWE Unless you want @AEW to beat you to the punch. Sincerely, Mick.

Several wrestlers responded, as both Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis noted that ROH is already doing this.

Gail Kim replied: “Or maybe Impact Wrestling will.

Lance Storm added: “Would the women no longer be on Raw & SD? I think this is a much more complicated decision. If the women (especially the top women) remain on RAW and SD then the all women’s show will struggle. If the all women’s show in on a lessor platform it will feel like a demotion.