Triple H Gives Blind Praise to Michael Cole

Posted By James Walsh on 04/30/21

Triple H recently joined The Pat McAfee Show, and he discussed a variety of topics, including working with Michael Cole in WWE, Coleís ability as a play-by-play announcer, and much more.

When discussed Coleís skills as the leader of the commentary team in WWE, Triple H mentioned that the longtime announcer is the best heís seen at his particular job of directing the action where it needs to go (via Fightful):

ďAs much as the internet criticizes him, Michael Cole does the best job Iíve ever seen anybody do from a behind-the-scenes standpoint of the controlling people and getting everything where it needs to go. Heís allowing everybody else around him to shine. There was a moment a few years ago where we went to NXT UK to do a show out of Blackpool and I asked Michael to come do it. He just got to come and call wrestling. People lost their mind and were like, ĎOh my God, Michael Cole can actually be a play-by-play guy and do a great job.í They loved it. He is usually setting everybody else up and heís there calling the action. Itís what heís so good at, heís been doing it so long, I feel like he could do it in his sleep and yet heís still excited for the product and itís why I love working with him. When something great happens, he comes back buzzing.Ē

Triple H then joked about Pat McAfee joining Cole on SmackDown commentary and why the reason McAfee hasnít been fired yet ďhas got to be attributed somehow to Michael Cole.Ē

Cole and McAfee will be on commentary for tonightís edition of SmackDown, which features Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan in a Career vs. Title Match.