Chelsea Green on her Pitched & Not Used Ideas in WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 05/01/21

Metro UK recently spoke to former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green, who discussed her time in the company and storyline ideas she attempted to pitch for herself in WWE. She noted one of her scrapped ideas was to portray a “Daisy Duke” type of character for the tag team of Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake. She also had other pitches and ideas, including joining with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, and also turning The IIconics into The Triconics. Below are some highlights.

Chelsea Green on trying to incorporate herself with The Fiend Bray Wyatt & Alexa Bliss: “I was always trying to figure out a way to incorporate myself into that group because I felt like that was such an extension of the Hot Mess in so many different way. I felt the Hot Mess could fit in perfectly there! Then also, I do feel like that group, they’re so strong the two of them, but they’re almost missing that third person that can jump over to the women’s division. Alexa’s the puppeteer, The Fiend’s the men’s side, so why can’t they have a woman to take over to the women’s division and then they’re taking over the entire show? Or then Alexa has a tag partner – there’s just so many different ways to spin it.”

Her thoughts on Alexa Bliss using the doll Lilly: “Lilly is so creepy and I love it, and I just imagined myself with that hair, with that dress, with that makeup. I just could picture it the minute I saw it!”

On wanting to join with The IIconics to make them the Triconics: “I wanted to be a Triconic at one point. Turn the IIconics into the Triconics and turn into the Hot Mess on them, try to make them feud. And eventually they would come back and turn it around on me. I had so many ideas!”