Shawn Spears Suggests There are Many Stars in the Pinacle and Inner Circle that Really Don't Get Along

Posted By James Walsh on 05/01/21

AEW star Shawn Spears recently spoke with WrestleTalk to hype up this Wednesdayís special edition of Dynamite, where Spears and the Pinnacle will battle the Inner Circle in the promotionís first ever Blood and Guts matchup.

During the interview Spears reveals that there are certain members in the two groups that legitimately donít like each other, stating that professionalism takes precedence but that anything can happen in the already violent affair.

ďI donít think Iím going to get in trouble. If they ask you to cut this, then go ahead and cut this, but sometimes in wrestling, youíre going to meet guys and work with guys that you just donít get along with, no matter what you donít see eye-to-eye. Thatís something thatís just not going to change and it is what it is. Professionalism takes precedence, but sometimes guys just donít like each other. Iím not going to name any names, Iím not going to say anything more other than there are guys in this match on May 5 that legitimately donít like each other. You throw that into an already combustible element of Blood & Guts, in a match already tailor-made for violence so to speak, and anything can happen.Ē