Former Signee Fares Poorly In Texas Congressional Election

Posted By James Walsh on 05/02/21

WWE and Tough Enough alum Dan Rodimer’s latest hopes for a congressional seat died over the weekend in Texas. As you may recall, Rodimer was running in the special election for Texas’ Sixth Congressional District that had opened after Congressman Ron Wight passed away due to COVID-19. He announced his campaign with a widely-derided video in which he portrayed himself as a Texan complete with a bullriding sketch and a Texas accent. Rodimer is from New Jersey and not Texas; he previously ran during the 2020 election cycle for a seat in Nevada.

As CNN reports, Republicans Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey advanced to a runoff election in a crowded field that included 23 candidates. Wright is the widow of the late Congressman. Rodimer finished 11th with 2.7% of the vote.

– Daniel Bryan has been moved to the “alumni” section of the roster page after his loss to Roman Reigns on Smackdown led to his being unable to appear on the brand anymore. Bryan is not expected to actually be gone from WWE, and this is likely just a storyline move to the alumni section has happened with Roderick Strong after he “resigned” from NXT after WrestleMania weekend.