Gerald Brisco Reacts to the ROH Briscoe Brothers Name

Posted By James Walsh on 05/02/21

This week’s episode of “Mailbag Monday with Gerald Brisco” has been released.

During it, he was asked to give his thoughts on Jay and Mark Briscoe using the Briscoe name.

Of course, Gerald and his brother, Jack, were known by this name.

“Here’s the story on that. People think I have heat with those guys. I respect the hell out of what they’ve done. I get a little upset because you use somebody’s name, as personal as that, I think especially if the guy is still active in the business, that guy deserves a phone call. I would expect a phone call and say, ‘We’re going to do this. We’re going to be really respectful. We’re spelling it a little bit different.’ But, I never received one of those phone calls. I never received the, ‘Do you mind if we do this?’

At least Vince McMahon, as powerful as he is that could do anything he wanted to, asked me if he could use the name. All of a sudden, there’s this tag team out there bearing my name on it. I didn’t really get upset. My brother was really upset about it because he didn’t know them. I didn’t know them. In the beginning, I wasn’t happy about it either, but I didn’t know them.

When they came down for a tryout here in FCW when Steve Keirn had the territory here, they were here for like a month. I got to know the guys and talk to them. I told them how I felt that I was disappointed that I was never notified that they were going to use my name. They understood that and they apologized. They’re good guys. I have nothing negative about the two talents that are using the name. My only regret is, and I heard through them, or I think it was through them, that Johnny Rodz up in New York told them when they started, ‘You have to look like the Brisco Brothers and that’s your name.’ It was thrown on them.

When you’re starting out in the business in a place like that, you’re going to take whatever they throw at you to get booked. They thought that was their way of getting booked a little bit more. They are two really good guys. They’re great guys. As far as being a great tag team, I think they’re an outstanding tag team. I love their rough housing. They’re good. Are they the Brisco Brothers? No, but they are the Briscoe brothers in their version and more power to them.”