Molly Holly Reflects on Asking for her WWE Release from Vince McMahon

Posted By James Walsh on 05/03/21

In a recent interview on Pro Wrestling 4 Life, Molly Holly discussed barely talking to Vince McMahon during her WWE run, asking for her release, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Molly Holly on her romantic storyline with Spike Dudley in WWE: ďIt was awesome. To even be involved in any kind of storyline is so huge. Itís still fun to be on Sunday Night Heat but to be thrown in a situation where youíre just doing a four-minute match for no reason, itís like, I want to do so much more. So, when they put me in the storyline with Spike where weíre like having this Disney romance, we like each other, and itís all sweetness. I loved it and Spike was super nice, a good person to be paired up with. You donít want to be paired up with some creeper thatís going to take advantage of the situation. So, he was very great to work with and it worked out awesome that the Dudleyz were so popular. It kind of brought up my popularity just being in the skits with them.Ē

On never having a conversation with Vince McMahon until she asked for her release: ďThe only conversation Iíve had with Vince in my entire career was when I asked to be released from my contract early. Thatís the only time Iíve ever said more than Ďhelloí to him. The way that I got hired was through Jim Ross and then throughout my time there, I would talk with writers or Head of Talent Relations, but I didnít have any conversations with Vince. So, it was a big deal for me to walk into his office and ask for my release and thank him for everything. I wouldnít say I have a friendship with him or anything. He shook my hand at the Hall of Fame and I took a picture with him. He was very nice. Thatís it.Ē

On the conversation with Vince about wanting to leave WWE: ďIt was awesome. Vince was great. I first went in and told him all about how my career has been such a blessing. The fact that I got to wrestle in 15 different countries, I would have never seen those places if it wasnít for him. I got good retirement savings because of how he paid me. I wanted to let him know this was an amazing experience and I was so grateful, and I feel complete and I would like to be let out of my contract. I didnít want to work anywhere else, I just felt complete. He spent like 10 minutes telling me how important I was to the business, how much he appreciated my work ethic, what a great champion I was. He just complimented me for 10 minutes and said if I ever wanted to come back, the door was always open. He shook my hand and that was it.Ē