Brandi Rhodes Talks Pregnancy, Cody Getting Peed On, more

Posted By James Walsh on 05/03/21

In an interview with People, Brandi Rhodes shared photos of the nursery for her and Codys baby and said that the AEW EVP has no idea what hes in for. Here are highlights:

On using Disney for the nursery: This kid hopefully will like Disney, because if she does, shes got it made. We absolutely love it. It only makes it that much sweeter that now were going to have a child to bring into it and see the wonder through her eyes.

On being excited for the baby: I just cant wait to see her and hold her and be able to start to get to know her as she grows up. Im really interested to find out what shes going to be interested in, what shes going to like, what shes not going to like. I feel like I was a really interesting kid, so well see what things are like with her.

On Cody as a father: The main thing Im looking forward to is watching him change a diaper for the first time, because hes very meticulous and detailed. I know hes going to get peed on.