Mariah May On Why The WWE Didnít Hire Her

Posted By James Walsh on 05/03/21

During her appearance on LOVE Wrestling, Mariah May spoke on why the WWE didnít hire her after her tryout. Hereís what she had to say:

I had had three matches (at the tryout). So, they were just like, Ďyouíve got the tools, just get the experience. We want to see you just get yourself out there and just learn how to work.í Thatís what itís all about. And thatís kind of Ė you know, I just want to just kind of do some stuff for myself, like wrestle internationally and make a name for myself. I remember just before lock down, I was really just loving that part of the journey. I think sometimes people talk about it like itís the horrible bit, but I mean, maybe it just gets better. I donít know. For me, Iíve really been enjoying just Ė like, I did seven shows in a row. I did the All Star, which is throughout the half term, our school holidays here. I had shows either side of the weekend, different shows. I actually traveled for an entire week, I got to wrestle every single day. Thatís my dream. Thatís what Iíve always wanted to do. Of course, would Iíd love to be on a big stage one day? Absolutely. But, Iím loving this part of the journey. And, thatís kind of what they said, was just enjoy this and get that experience.