Chris Jericho On Turning Inner Circle Babyface, Using Original WarGames Rules For Blood & Guts

Posted By James Walsh on 05/03/21

Chris Jericho discussed the decision to turn the Inner Circle babyface and the upcoming Blood & Guts match in a new interview. Jericho spoke with the New York Post for an interview promoting Wednesdayís Dynamite, and you can check out the highlights below:

On finally being able to have Blood & Guts after it was delayed from last year: ďItís one of those things weíve kind of had in our back pocket for a while, because Iím a big believer in you donít do an angle because of a match, you do a match because of an angle. We had it built up perfectly last year before the pandemic locked us down. We didnít want to rush the match because once the time passed, then we were locked down and then we came up with the Stadium Stampede, so what do you do to finally put this match on and thatís when we started this giant feud with MJF and Jericho and The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle that we basically started in September. With sort of the blood feud that came out of it, we thought it would be the perfect time to do Blood and Guts, 14, 15 months later because the story demands it.Ē

On using the original Dusty Rhodes WarGames rules: ďOur version of kind of the WarGames is why we called it Blood and Guts, itís just not a copyright thing. There are some differences and we wanted to kind of make it our own version of this classic match, which we obviously have a direct legacy to with Dustin and Cody [Rhodes] being with the company and obviously [president] Tony Khan is a massive fan of that era of wrestling. So, I think he didnít want to mess with those classic rules. He grew up loving that style of WarGames.

ďIíve never been in a WarGames before in my life. A matter of fact, Iíve never even seen one. I watched a couple now to just kind of look at them. The reason why I donít need to go back and watch any is (because) Iíve been in a lot of first-ever matches that are now kind of mainstream, if you talk about Money in the Bank, if you talk about the Elimination Chamber or Stadium Stampede. We didnít go back and watch other ones, because there werenít any. Iím treating Blood and Guts kind of the same way. Yes, there are ideas you can pull, but this isnít a typical WarGames or a typical cage match. Also, our angle seems to be a lot more serious than some of those teams that were kind of put together and a lot more of a blood feud. I think those rules fit what weíre doing here in that you donít want to do a bunch of pins and eliminations. It really is submit or surrender because of the story that weíve been telling between these two factions.Ē

On AEWís twist on the idea: ďOur apparatus, if you will, is different. We are putting it in Dailyís Place so there were some configurations you kind of had to switch around a bit just out of space restrictions, which kind of adds to the originality of our match and our structure. If you watched WarGames back in 1992, itís a little different from that and if you saw kind of WWEís bastardized version, itís different from that. We kind of have a little bit of a different thing. Some of it is by design, some of it is from necessity.Ē