Update on Reaction to Daniel Bryan Possibly Leaving WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 05/05/21

As noted, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract has reportedly expired, and he’s been removed from the internal WWE roster. Fightful Select has an update with new details on the backstage reaction within WWE, along with talents in ROH and AEW, to the Daniel Bryan news.

According to several WWE talent sources, Daniel Bryan didn’t make a big deal backstage about his latest contract expiring. Many talents only heard about the news from the grapevine over the course of the last few weeks rather than from Bryan himself.

Additionally, the report noted that sources in Ring of Honor (ROH) believe they expect ROH to attempt to make contact with Bryan and put some effort to bring him in for a potential appearance “at the minimum.” It was also noted that ROH has had contact with Bryan to some degree in recent years.

Two members of the AEW talent that Fightful spoke to believe that Bryan will stay with WWE. One verbally stated that they’ve heard Bryan is in fact staying with WWE. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

As noted by F4WOnline.com, WWE reportedly “pushing hard” to sign Bryan to a new contract after his most recent deal expired last Friday. On the latest episode of SmackDown on FOX, Bryan lost a Universal title match against champion Roman Reigns that forced Bryan to leave the SmackDown brand.