Tony Khan Confirms 1st Hour of AEW Blood & Guts Pre-taped, Offers Refund

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/06/21

It was reported last night that Tony Khan appeared before the crowd at last night’s AEW Dynamite, noting that the first hour of the show was pre-taped and would be shown on the video screen to the crowd. He said that anyone who wanted a refund for the event could get one. The crowd noise for the first hour came from the crowd watching the show on the video screen.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the first hour was taped with no fans ‘a couple of weeks ago’, as setting up the cages takes time, and they couldn’t do it live in the amount of time they had for Dynamite. This is why when the tickets were advertised, it was promoted as a one-match show, because those who bought tickets only got one live match.

It was noted that AEW gave a total of five refunds for the show, which had an attendance of 1,500 fans.