Sean Waltman Wasn't Impressed with A&E's Biography Work for the "Macho Man' Randy Savage Episode

Posted By James Walsh on 05/06/21

Sean Waltman saw the A&E Biography special on Randy Savage, and he took issue with certain aspects of the show. Waltman weighed in on the episode on the latest episode of his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, which drew some attention for being more critical of Savage than the previous Biography episodes were on their focuses of Steve Austin and Roddy Piper. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On the episode: ďWell, first of all, I really enjoyed the ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin one. I enjoyed the Roddy Piper one. I didnít like it man. They went in hard on Mach. Heís not around to defend himself. Heís not around to say, ĎHey, thatís not true.í Heís not here man, and I just didnít like it. I wasnít a fan of it, and I donít understand how Bubba the f**king Love Sponge ended up having so much air time. I was in Tampa back then, and they were hard on Mach over the airwaves in Tampa. It was f**ked up, and Iíve even been on the air with some of them and actually said, ĎYouíre not going to talk s**t about Mach while Iím here.í They respected that. I love Mach. A lot of that stuff they said, it was obviously stuff everyoneís heard before. I donít even want to go into it. I just didnít think it was cool at all. I really was highly disappointed in that.Ē

Waltman also gave his thoughts on the recent changes in WWE management. Adam Pearce was recently promoted to Director of Live Events, and Waltman gave some insight as to what the role entails.

On Adam Pearce being promoted to Director of Live Events in WWE: ďFull disclosure, Iím a huge Adam, Pearce fan. Adam and I, we worked a lot, and I had several NWA World Title matches against him. I loved working with that guy. It was such a relief because on independent scene, you never know who youíre going to end up in the ring with. I just always knew if Iím going to be having a pro wrestling match with Adam Pearce, itís going to be really good. Beyond that, heís just a really good dude. A really solid human being, and thatís a good type of person to have in a role like that because thatís a powerful spot. When there was house shows on a regular basis, that affects peopleís money. If people are on those, they make more money, so a person could have a grudge against somebody, and if they were in that position, they could leave them out and make sure they donít get any house shows and so they donít get any extra money.They just end up earning close to their base.

ďBack when JR (Jim Ross) did that, he was in charge of the payoffs too. Iím not sure if Adam is going to be in charge of the payoffs, but thereís a lot of responsibility, and itís an incredibly important job and Iím really happy for him. Iím happy for the company too. Itís a really smart move for the company.Ē

On Jason Jordan being named WWE Lead Producer: ďLook, they put him in that spot for a reason. Obviously, he can do the job. I donít know Jason very well. I actually donít know him at all. From what I see of him, heís a real sharp dude. Itís unfortunate that his in-ring career got cut short because I saw some brilliance in [American] Alpha. There was some brilliant stuff from those guys vs. FTR, or The Revival. You hate to see it as far as his career getting cut short, but they found a place for him there. Maybe it might seem a little weird. I donít know how things work there these days. I mean, I kind of do, but Iím not around all the time, so I donít know if thereís an issue there at all with him not being as experienced as some of the people that will be underneath him.Ē