Eric Bischoff Says He Almost Booked His Own Death in WCW

Posted By James Walsh on 05/08/21

On the latest edition of 83 Weeks WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff revealed one of the weirdest pitches he ever made for a storyline in WCW. Hear what the former president of the company had to say below.

Talks one of the weirdest pitches he ever made in WCW:

I think the weirdest pitches I’ve ever come across have been my own. Like when I was going to create my own death in an airplane crash in Mexico months before Halloween Havoc so I could show up as the spirit of myself and continue to haunt babyfaces. I was totally committed to do it…. I was so committed to doing things that were so off the wall and unexpected and over-the-top. I went so far as to sit down with Harvey Schiller and say, ‘Look, Harvey, this is how this is going to work. Here’s what I’d like to do.’ I had it all planned out. The reason — because I lived in Arizona for a while, had a home in Arizona, and I thought, you know what, I’m going to — no, this is before I bought my home in Arizona but Loree and I were going down to Arizona a lot. I had my own plane at the time so I thought, I can’t die in a plane crash in the United States because it would be too easy to verify that it wasn’t true.

Why he thought the angle could work:

But in Mexico, you could die in a plane crash and it would take six months, if you were working hard, to find out if it was really true. It’s just a little different. So I thought, that’s what I need to do. Now I wasn’t really going to crash my plane in Mexico, or even land in Mexico, but I was going to plant the word that — My family was in on it. My kids knew what I wanted to do. My wife — she did not like it at all because I wasn’t telling the rest of my family. I was only telling my immediate family. So my wife had a real hard time with that storyline, and it never happened. I mean, that’s pretty bizarre, but I pitched myself that one. I should say I pitched it to Harvey and I got shut down on that one.