Humberto Carrillo Injury Update after WWE RAW

Posted By James Walsh on 05/11/21

As previously reported, Humberto Carrillo appeared to be hurt or possibly injured during his match with Sheamus during last night’s edition of WWE Raw. Humberto Carrillo attempted a Sunset Flip on Sheamus to the outside, but landed awkwardly. Then Sheamus fell on Carrillo’s knee before being declared the winner. Dave Meltzer commented on Carrillo’s condition on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio show.

According to Meltzer’s update on today’s Observer Radio, Carrillo is said to be fine after the match, and Carrillo is well enough to “tomorrow” if need be. He stated on Carrillo, “If he needed to wrestle tomorrow, he could.” Meltzer added that WWE may or may not do an injury angle out of what took place in the match, and that the finish to the match with Sheamus was not the originally planned finish, which is consistent with Fightful Select‘s own report on the matchup yesterday.

PWInsider initially reported that Carrillo was said to be doing “okay” following the ending to last night’s match.