Nick Aldis Discusses Passing Of Jocephus, Chemistry Between Jocephus & Aron Stevens In NWA

Posted By James Walsh on 06/07/21

In a recent interview with Steel Chair Magazine, Nick Aldis discussed the passing of Jocephus back in February, Jocephus’ chemistry with Aron Stevens, and much more. Here’s what Nick Aldis had to say:

Nick Aldis on Jocephus’ passing and Jocephus having a congenital heart defect: “You never really prepare for a situation like that. It’s not something you ever think about when you’re thinking of your career. Will I have to make a tribute show to a friend and a colleague who passed away? So, I think it was important we all got together and did what we thought would be something that reflected how much he meant to the whole team but also to our audience. As far as Aron (Stevens) being in the main event and having a title match, I thought that was the most fitting way to give tribute to Joseph and, in the end, it was a tough moment but also rewarding knowing we had done something for a guy who truly deserved it and passed away under freak circumstances. It was a congenital heart defect just so sad and unfortunate and undetectable or unpredictable. We felt like he deserved to be recognised, and that was the best way we felt we could do it.”

On the chemistry between Jocephus and Aron Stevens and paying tribute to Jocephus at NWA Back For The Attack: “He really meant a lot to Aron because he had a really bad taste in his mouth for wrestling, but being involved in the NWA and working with Joseph and seeing how much passion Joseph had for what he was doing and helping be a part of that. To take someone like Joseph, who was probably not going to have much conventional success, but Aron got to show a guy like Joseph you can channel your talent and brains and ability into something people will really like. We saw that with the Question Mark, and it’s not easy to get a character like that over. Not to mention, he had a completely different character before that and made it engaging too. It was a testament to his intelligence and creativity. I know it was difficult for Billy. I think that’s one of the reasons he chose not to be there and stayed in Chicago. It would have been very difficult for him to be there when we did all that because he was close with Joseph. It was a tough night, but I’m proud of what we did. I feel we did it the right way. I don’t think we were over the top but tasteful and paid a nice tribute to him.”