CM Punk Has Strong Praise For Roman Reigns: “He’s Finally Where They Pushed Him To Be, It Just Took A Minute”

Posted By James Walsh on 06/07/21

Retired pro-wrestling superstar CM Punk was the latest guest on the Wrestling Perspective podcast where the former multi-time WWE champion discussed a number of different topics, most notably how he feels about current top company man, Roman Reigns, and the incredible work he has been putting out since his return at last year’s SummerSlam. Hear Punks’ thoughts on the Tribal Chief below.

Calls Reigns the best part of WWE currently, but criticizes the company for taking so long to finally get him where he was supposed to be:

Being a fan of pro wrestling is kind of the genesis of being creative but I think a lot of the times, the best stuff, you just kind of gotta go with the flow of it, you know? And I’ll use Roman Reigns as an example, because if we’re talking about good stuff, if the WWE does anything good, this is the one thing that they’re doing right is Roman Reigns. His character work, his in-ring stuff, it’s all great. But I feel like classic WWE, they’re always five years, ten years late. This is something that they should’ve done originally because they tried so hard to get this guy over as a babyface and they gave him x amount of Mania main events and they’re just like, ‘This is the guy, this is the guy, this is the guy’ and he never really had his moments until now.

Adds that perhaps Reigns needed to go through the backlash he did to finally reach this level but says he’s firing on all cylinders:

Maybe he needed that adversity and that backlash to finally be this guy but this is the one thing they’re doing right because what can you say bad about what Roman Reigns is doing right now? He’s far and away the best guy they have and when you talk about storylines, in-ring work and all that stuff, right now, he’s the total package so he’s exactly — like for the first time in his career and I’m not being mean to Roman Reigns, I just feel like he’s finally where they pushed him to be. It just took a minute, you know what I mean?