Gangrel Exits His Own Wrestling Academy

Posted By James Walsh on 06/08/21

Gangrel has announced that he’s leaving his Gangrel Wrestling Academy. The former WWE superstar revealed the news in a video on Facebook, apologizing that’ll he’ll no longer be involved with the academy.

Gangrel stated that he was looking ahead to a brighter future and that it wouldn’t be the last anyone sees of him in wrestling.

“I’m very very sad to come on here and have to inform you, all of you wrestling fans, friends, and family alike, that I am no longer associated with GWA Florida in any kind of way,” he said. “I know that it has my name on it and it’s very strange. Very hard to explain. But I just wanted to come on here and you hear it from me that I’m not affiliated with it anymore. But it’s not the last you’ll see of me, Gangrel, or the students that were trained there. It won’t be the last you’ll see of us, we’re pushing forward to a brighter day and a more positive future. I am truly, truly sorry.”

You can watch the video below.