Chelsea Green On Mickie James In NWA, Wanting To Be In Main Event Of NWA In Power

Posted By James Walsh on 06/14/21

As previously reported, the NWA announced that it will hold an all-women’s pay-per-view, NWA in Power, on August 28 in St. Louis, Missouri. In a recent edition of her Green With Envy podcast, Chelsea Green discussed Mickie James joining the company, wanting to be in the main event of the show, and much more. Here are some of the highlights (via Fightful):

Chelsea Green on Mickie James as executive producer of the show: “I mean, this is only messy because WWE fired Mickie James or, should I say, ‘released.’ My dad doesn’t like it when I say ‘fired’. WWE must be f***ing shaking in their boots right now because Mickie James is going for gold. She was just hired on by NWA to be an executive producer for the first-ever all-women’s NWA pay-per-view. I am so excited. [Mickie] is amazing. Clearly, she has pushed for this for years and has been overlooked. So, I am so happy that she’s headed to NWA. She’s going to be with her husband, be with her family, and [she] gets to start this amazing all-women’s pay per view.

“I feel like I mean, it can’t just be a pay-per-view, right? They’ve got to do an all-women’s show. They must, if they’re going to hire Mickie James on. She is such an icon for all of the women. I mean, not just women, but all the women in professional wrestling. She is the epitome of talent, character, wrestling ability, promo skill, everything, which is why obviously I absolutely love her. You know, I definitely based the ‘Hot Mess’ off of shades of Mickie James versus Trish Stratus. So I love Mickie, I’m so excited for this pay per view that pay per view is again, it’s an NWA pay per view. It’s called Empowerrr, which I love and it is going to be going live on August 28. In the Chase Ballroom in St. Louis. ”

On wanting to be in the main event of the show: “I’m excited for Mickie. I’m excited to see what comes of this. I mean, is she going to be wrestling as well, that would be epic, or is she just going to be the producer? I mean, either way, guys, tweet NWA, tweet, Mickie James. Let her know I want to be on the goddamn show. Okay, I want to be the motherf***ing main event of Empowerrr, because that’s what I deserve. Dammit, Mickie. If you’re listening to this, I want to be on that pay per view and I want to be the main event.”