Note on Bret Hart No Longer Doing his Podcast, Not Signed to AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 06/14/21

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio head journalist Dave Meltzer was asked if AEW was close to signing WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart in any capacity following his appearance at the promotion’s inaugural Double or Nothing pay per view. The Hitman attended that event to reveal the company’s AEW world championship, which would be won by Chris Jericho at ALL OUT 2019.

Meltzer states Hart presenting the title was a “last minute” thing and there didn’t seem to be any signs of AEW giving him a contract. It is added that Hart potentially knew it would get him heat with Vince McMahon even though he was not under any form of contract with WWE during that time.

Speaking of heat…Meltzer states that Hart usually doesn’t worry about rustling the feathers with McMahon and WWE, but other times he does because he doesn’t want Natalya to be affected by any of his actions as she is still with the company. This is a reason that The Hitman decided to stop doing his podcast and has been doing less interviews as he tends to speak his mind, which sometimes upsets WWE.