Lana To ‘Spill The Tea’ On Time in WWE Starting Next Week

Posted By James Walsh on 06/14/21

Lana has revealed that she’s set to release a series of vlogs in which she “spills the tea” about her time in WWE. The WWE alumna, which was released earlier this month as part of the company’s budget cuts, posted to Instagram talking about how she is going to post her vlogs starting next Monday and talked about how she has a lot to say about her release. In the video, she discussed how she is grateful for her fans’ support and that she had been off social media dealing with the news of her release, which she said was a surprise to her. She said that she can’t wait to tell her so much and joked that she has “many ex-husbands to thank, so many ex-girlfriends to thank.”

Lana captioned the videos, one of which is footage from her time in WWE,

“Couldn’t think of more perfect way to pull the curtain on the past, while

signalling how I’m damn sure going to move into the future.

I have been feeling so many emotions the last couple of days. I know that in the lows we have to remind ourselves to get up and keep going. Thank you all for loving me. Thank you all for your texts, calls, voice notes, dms, & posts. I have so many things to say & people to thank. But one thing I know for sure….. work hard, be passionate, always get back up, chase your dreams and eat a LOT of ice cream when your sad.”

She added in the second post:

“I just wanted to say I love you guys !

I can’t wait to spill the tea. Because it’s hot & delicious. I look forward to standing up & speaking out on things that for years I have been silent about. Also excited to talk about @tobemiro & that he is AEW TNT Champion! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be releasing vlogs starting this Monday!”