Tony Khan's Father Admits He Felt AEW Was a Bad Idea, AEW Said to be in the Red Due to Lengthy Video Game Development

Posted By James Walsh on 06/15/21

he $43.75 million AEW received from TNT last year made up the largest share of its revenue, but that’s a rounding error compared to publicly traded WWE’s record $974 million in revenue in 2020. Still, AEW’s pay-per-view numbers and ticket sales are growing, and the new show will add to its coffers. Khan expects its wrestling division to be profitable this year, though an eight-figure investment in video game development will keep the company in the red for now.

Tony’s father Shahid Khan was quoted with his thoughts on AEW being started…

“I absolutely didn’t think this was a good idea. But I told Tony, ‘Look, when I’m dead and gone, I’m going to be leaving you and your sister a lot of money. Why don’t you blow some of that while I’m alive?’”

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