Bobby Lashley Promises ĎSomething Crazyí For WWE Hell in a Cell Match With Drew McIntyre

Posted By James Walsh on 06/18/21

In an interview with Fightful, Bobby Lashley promised that Ďsomething crazyí will happen at WWE Hell in a Cell, when he faces Drew McIntyre in the match of the same name. Here are highlights:

On their parallel journeys to the top in WWE: ďI think our journeys are a little different, but I do feel kind of the same with him. Me and Drew, before we were feuding last year, we were tagging together. Every time we would tag, we had a different kind of energy out there. We were going against The Shield and going against a bunch of different tag teams. The energy level was high because we both felt the same. We both left [WWE] when we left and coming back, you could see the amount of hunger we had coming back. We changed, got in better shape, worked our asses off to get back so that when we got back, we still had that hunger of greatness in the business. We didnít just come back to be another guy. Thatís why this match is so special because itís putting yourself in Hell in a Cell and seeing who is willing to do whatever it takes for that title.Ē

On if heís asked anyone for advice on the Hell in a Cell match: ďNo [laughs]. I donít want to know. Itís one of those things where you know itís going to be painful. When I come back on Monday, I know my body is going to be in shambles because itís going to be rough. Iím a student of the game, so I watch a lot of film. Iíve watched what people have done before. I watch for the tricks because you might need to pull out tricks in any fight. Iím trying to strategize the best that I can so that I come out victorious. At the end of the day, itís going to be very painful and people want to have those moments. Those moments are what hurt you and beat your body up, but it does prove your want and will. I donít want to know how bad it is, Iím just going to grit my teeth and take it.Ē

On their match in the cage: ďMore tools. Itís going to be crazy. Drew and I had a crazy match without Hell in a Cell. Now, with no DQ and weapons and Hell in a Cell, itís going to be insane. Itís one of those things that I want in my career. You want those big matches, to have a Mania match, SummerSlam is coming up. All these different events that signify and are big glory points that you have throughout your career, being in that cell is one of them. Something crazy is going to happen. I donít know what heís going to be or who itís going to be on, but there is going to be crazy stuff and fireworks and people being carried out of the cell. At the end of the day, youíre going to see people that are hungry for greatness in this business.Ē