Liv Morgan A Big Fan Of The Work Alexa Bliss Is Doing, Talks Her WWE Documentary

Posted By James Walsh on 06/18/21

WWE star Liv Morgan recently spoke with Digital Spy about a wide range of topics, including her praise for Alexa Bliss and the character work she is doing on Monday Night Raw, as well as some backstage details on her Liv 4 Ever WWE documentary that came out several months ago. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says she loves what Alexa Bliss is doing:

ďI love what sheís doing. Itís creative, itís artsy, itís dark, which are all things that I am drawn to. I definitely think maybe it makes others broaden their mind as to what we can and are able to, get away with. Itís inspirational in that aspect showing us we can think outside the box maybe a little bit more than we had anticipated.Ē

On the filming of her WWE documentary:

ďSo we were filming behind the scenes for a couple weeks, then a couple weeks turned into like, nine weeks, and then 13 weeks, and 14 weeks, and then 20 weeks. So then it was like nine months, it was an absurd amount of time but we were filming the entirety of it. So then we were like, ĎMan we kind of have something here,í though itís not the project it was intended to be. Seeing the struggles of being a WWE Superstar, itís definitely a blessed life, but itís still not all rainbows and sunshine. Thereís a lot of heartache and thereís a lot of disappointment in the journey. So we kind of opened the doors to let people see the other side.Ē

How her story was different from most WWE documentaries:

ďUsually when we do documentaries itís the challenger on their way to be champion and mine was completely different. It was, hereís this girl, just trying to get on TV, letís see her struggle. Iím happy itís cemented in WWE history forever. Iím really proud of it and itís really weird at the same time. Itís one thing to have people comment on your professional life, but to give them that inside look, it opens a layer of vulnerability that Iíve never felt before.Ē