WWE Blacked Out Charlotte Flair's Middle Finger Spot on Certain Streams

Posted By James Walsh on 07/19/21

While Peacock has had issues tonight for WWE Money in the Bank, one moment of the feed going back wasn’t due to that, specifically the start of Charlotte Flair’s match with Rhea Ripley. As previously reported, Flair defeated Ripley to claim the Raw Women’s Championship.

The start of the match briefly saw the feed go back, and according to PWInsider it was due to Flair interacting with the crowd. The crowd was chanting “We want Becky,” referring of course to Becky Lynch. Flair reacted by giving the crowd a crotch chop and then walked around the ring flipping off the arena.

In addition, after the match was done Flair “kicked dirt” at the fans from inside the ring and told them to “kiss my ass.”

Peacock had technical glitches between the Flair/Ripley match and the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.