Chelsea Green on Returning to Impact Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 07/19/21

During the latest edition of her Green With Envy podcast pro-wrestling star Chelsea Green spoke about her return to IMPACT at this weekendís Slammiversary pay per view, as well as what it was like to work the matchup with a broken arm. Highlights from the podcast can be found below.

Says IMPACT welcomed her back with open arms:

IMPACT welcomed me back this weekend with open arms and Iím so thankful for them. When I was first booked for Slammiversary, we didnít know what I would be doing. Itís funny because it seemed like Twitter knew what I would be doing. Everyone assumed and tweeted that I was gonna be wrestling my best friend Deonna [Purrazzo] who is the IMPACT Knockouts Champion. Well, surprise Twitter. F*ck you Twitter. Iím just kidding, that was mean. But seriously, surprise Twitter, that was never the plan. So, sucks to suck, all of you who tweeted about that.

Says it didnít feel good wrestling with a broken arm, but that it was worth it:

So obviously Iíve been talking about the familiarity ó look at that fancy f*cking word. Ah,the familiarity of IMPACT, but one thing that wasnít familiar clearly was wrestling with a broken arm. Slammiversary was in Tennessee so they donít have a health commission, so a health commission cannot ban me from wrestling with a broken arm, see what I mean? So I f*cking did it. Yolo, right? Last week, obviously I was upset that I couldnít wrestle for Ring of Honor in the Womenís Championship tournament but I understood why. The Maryland Commission was not having any of it. But in Nashville however, it is balls to the wall, woo! We were good to go so I took the opportunity and I ran with it, cast and all. I will say it doesnít feel great, okay. Doesnít feel ten out of ten but it was ten out of ten worth it, 100 percent worth it. A little pain, a lot of pleasure, that sounds dirty. Anyway, Iím struggling today but the pain wasnít really my main issue getting back into the ring. My issue was actually more so mental. I wasnít nervous it was gonna hurt. I just had this weird mental blockage. I didnít realize how much this injury would affect me mentally this time around. I think the first and second time that I broke my arm, I truly believed in my head that it was a freak accident. So when it happened for the third time, because this is the third time Iíve broken my arm if you donít know. I really was in my head about it. I was super nervous to get in the ring, I kept putting off practicing which is not really like me and I know it was purely because mentally I just wasnít in a place where I felt ready to get back in, but I knew I just had to do it so I f*cking did it. I conquered the fear, I really had no choice. I kind of had to once my music hit, didnít I? Imagine that, you guys, just picture Matt [Cardona] comes out first to his music and stands on the ramp and I donít come out? Oh that wouldíve been so good.

Talks working against Tenille Dashwood, who used to date Matt Cardona:

So if it wasnít weird having our [Chelsea & Matt Cardona] first match together and working together for basically the first time, it was f*cking weird going into it knowing that we were gonna be wrestling his ex-girlfriend. I think we pulled it off though. This wasnít the first time that his ex and I have spent some time together so at least that took the pressure off of everything. A couple months back, we all went to a birthday party together and we got the awkward first hangout out of the way. So this wasnít as awkward as Iím making it seem. It was more so the thought of it being awkward and the thought of the locker room watching us and then thinking it was awkward, does that make sense? Very dramatic of me but Mattís ex, sheís super cool and very relaxed so it all went smooth, thank God. But I know everyone on social media was going buck wild over seeing that matchup, which I was kind of living for. Like thatís why I was excited to have this match. I think that it was buzzworthy and not necessarily for the wrestling but for the matchup. Anyways, people, we survived the ex. Itís all good my lovers.