Mickie James on Returning to WWE in 2016

Posted By James Walsh on 07/19/21

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Mickie James spoke about how her return to WWE in 2016 came about, following a run with Impact Wrestling. Here are highlights:

On originally planning to retire: “I’d already started to plan for my exit out of the ring. I just wanted to go forward and take that next step. Just juggling so much stuff. I was like, ‘Well, I can just sit back and ‘Mom’ and travel and do my appearances and work on another thing’. Work on horses, work on all these other things I had going on, my music.”

On getting the call from WWE: “That was when I got to go back and wrestle Asuka. That was so, so cool. I just didn’t see it happening for me!”

On wanting something noteworthy to end her career as a wrestler in WWE: “I just wanted something — and it wasn’t even like a championship. I just wanted a moment or a story or the ability to perhaps make somebody on my way out.”

She also noted in the interview that WWE had offered her a job as a producer for the women’s division at one point.