Natalya Opens Up On Her Longevity In WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 07/20/21

Natalya made an appearance on Booker Tís Hall of Fame podcast to discuss a wide range of topics.

During it, she opened up on her longevity in WWE. Sheís been with the company since 2007.

ďFor me, itís been crazy because time has just flown. I know I started in WWE in 2007 and debuted on SmackDown in 2008, but it wasnít until the pandemic that a fan, somebody on social media, brought it to my attention that I had the most matches of any woman in WWE history and the most wins. I would also think the most losses too (she laughs). I never bring that up. It was so cool because I was like ĎWait, that canít be rightí, but then all of a sudden WWE did a fact check for it because I wanted to be able to say it on TV.

Itís so cool because I think whatís going to be so much longevity is finding something extraordinary, and finding something great in every single opponent that Iíve had. To get to WWE, to get to the level we are at in WWE, you have to be great. I believe there is greatness inside of everyone, whether itís Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, and the list goes on and on. When I had that match with Charlotte Flair in 2014, nobody really knew who she was.

I just saw so much potential in her. Thatís what I love about my career in WWE is finding something great inside everybody, and helping people realize something they didnít know they had inside themselves. In return, I find something great inside of me. Thatís been my secret to longevity. Of course, I have Neidhart genetics, knock on wood. When I was growing up, I used to curse my dad. I would be like, ĎDamn it. Iím this thick girl because of my dad.í My dad was a shot putter. Before my dad came to WWE, he played in the NFL, and he was a world class shot putter. My dad was really stocky. Thank God for my dadís genetics because those Neidhart genetics kept me really safe.Ē