Britt Baker On Not Having The Benefit Of A Performance Center

Posted By James Walsh on 07/20/21

During her interview with The Daily Star, Britt Baker spoke on not having the benefit of a WWE Performance Center in which to learn. Here’s what she had to say:

I love the NXT women’s division and am friends with so many of those girls. But they have a Performance Center. My Performance Center was AEW Dynamite, live on Wednesday nights. I was learning as we go… you train in the ring, you cut promos and practice as much as you can, but I don’t have a wrestling ring in my back yard, a television set-up or a hard cam to pan to. So, a lot of what you see on tv was just trial and error because, again, we don’t have that Performance Center. I think that’s why fans have taken a liking to me because they’ve been along for the ride with me since day one when I clearly didn’t know what I was doing! Now I humbly dub myself one of the faces of the whole company, and that has been a very challenging yet rewarding growth process.